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56 ideas for your grant

56 ideas for your grant

Megan Taylor - Monday, November 06, 2017

OK, so you've found a grant which you might be eligible for. But what project should you use the grant on?

To improve your chances of landing the grant, it is important for your project to meet the funding criteria and application questions as exactly as possible. However, you won't get a great outcome for your business unless it fits with your current business goals.

We've lined up a slew of ideas for you which give you clarity on what types of grants they can be used for. Brainstorm some ideas from this list, then give us a shout to help plan your project! There are qualified Whitsunday professionals in all of these areas we can refer you to. 


General business improvement:(For grants allowing business planning and advice)

  • 1.Creating/updating a formal business plan
  • 2.Employee performance management
  • 3.Mergers and acquisitions advice
  • 4.Building automation
  • 5.Joint ventures
  • 6.Innovation support

Online marketing - strategy: (For grants allowing business planning and advice)

  • 7.Clarifying your business/marketing goals
  • 8.Profiling your ideal customers
  • 9.Defining your unique selling points
  • 10.Creating irresistible offers
  • 11.Building value to your customers
  • 12.Creating a marketing activity list
  • 13.Finding the best places to market to your customers
  • 14.Establishing measurements to review what is/isn't working
  • 15.Social media strategy creation

Legal advice: (For grants allowing legal advice, business planning, and mentoring)

  • 16.Client contracts
  • 17.Supplier contracts
  • 18.Partnership agreements
  • 19.Shareholder agreements
  • 20.Succession planning
  • 21.Family trust establishment
  • 22.Self-managed super funds
  • 23.Creating patents and trademarks
  • 24.Intellectual property protection

Financial advice:(For grants allowing financial advice, business planning, and mentoring/training)

  • 25.Financial audit/review
  • 26.Improving your cash flow
  • 27.Creating budgets/forecasts
  • 28.Learning how to read your profit and loss statements
  • 29.Learning how to read your balance sheets
  • 30.Learning how to do your own bookkeeping
  • 31.Balancing personal vs business needs
  • 32.Creating a financial plan
  • 33.Succession planning
  • 34.Investing
  • 35.Insurance
  • 36.Ongoing mentoring

Compliance manuals: (For grants allowing business planning and advice)

  • 37.Workplace Health & Safety
  • 38.Quality Assurance
  • 39.Human Resources
  • 40.Other industry compliance requirements

Digital marketing training: (For grants allowing business/marketing strategy, mentoring and training)

  • 41.Overall digital marketing review
  • 42.Email marketing
  • 43.Keywords and search engine optimisation
  • 44.How to manage your images (resizing, uploading, etc)
  • 45.Updating your website
  • 46.Writing blog articles (content marketing)
  • 47.Social media advertising
  • 48.Social media posting
  • 49.Social media improving reach and engagement

Digital development: (For grants to make your business more digital)

  • 50.Updating your website to reflect business changes
  • 51.Adding online sales (eCommerce) to your website
  • 52.Building a new website
  • 53.Search engine optimisation (Google rankings)
  • 54.Online advertising (e.g. Google AdWords)
  • 55.Social media advertising setup
  • 56.Creating an email marketing template

Don't forget to check out the grants that are currently available!


Want to discuss a project for your business?

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