Instagram for business


Create an inspiring visual story

This is a 6 week course comprising of a 3 hour interactive workshop + 6 weeks of activities for application of your new skills in your workplace

This course will cover:
  • Similarities and differences between Instagram and Facebook
  • Essential elements for an Instagram post
  • Demographics of Instagram users
  • How to get good engagement on Instagram
  • Why and how to use hashtags
  • 4 types of hashtags and when to use them
You will come away with:
  • Posting guidelines customised for your business
  • A hashtag strategy you will be able to use again and again
  • Researched hashtags to use for your business

Course outline

1. Facebook vs Instagram
2. Instagram post elements
3. TINY method for categorising hashtags
4. Hashtag research and peer review

This course is for people who:

  • Aren't sure if they should be using Instagram or not
  • Are using Instagram but aren't confident on what they should be posting
  • Are making up hashtags as they go along without a real strategy
  • Would like to delegate Instagram management to staff and need to have guidelines in place to do so
  • Would like to establish a system to ensure quality and consistency


  • Access to your Instagram account for your business
  • Knowledge of the products and services your business provides
  • Recent discussion with your boss/manager on the current goals for your business

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